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What's LOVE Got To Do With It

Love endures all things. Hopes all things. I wrote a while back about Great Expectations.

Charles Dickens wrote a book with the same name. It is a longer read and requires endurance similar to love. It too is worth the time. Enjoy both of these writings with your favorite beverage in your favorite spot.

My favorite spot will be changing soon as my family has signed a contract to buy a new home and sell our current home. I have recently gained a new perspective on patience which is also a word often used in a love contract.

What will see us through this love challenge is focus, hope, and trust.

For 16 years, this dwelling has helped us evolve. Many sports lessons have been enhanced in the great backyard. Many koi have come and gone. Inside joke. And our children have become adults. One making us grandparents.

While anxious and inpatient at times, I have been able to focus on the changes and pleasures we poured sweat and tears into. It has forced me to manage my emotions and responsibilities. My kids chuckle at me while I walk around the house saying ‘focus, just focus.’ One of my constant words for them.

I can only hope they take fond memories with them as well. The lime green wall color. Lacrosse balls everywhere. The adventures in the treehouse and circles run around the yard with Reggie.

You no doubt know why this writing is overdue even though I have adult children and entrusted the volunteers at the Rise Resale store with extra responsibilities.

It is the trust that has been established within my family and these fabulous volunteers that makes me feel comfortable that the next few weeks will be fine albeit uneasy.

Oddly enough, I listened to a radio show earlier today that played a prank on someone by ending the phone call saying ‘love you.’ It was all about getting a person to respond with I love you back. The intent is or was to interpret love. There are four different explanations of love according to C.S. Lewis and I am happy to experience all of them right now.

So what does love have to do with it? What does love have to do with anything? It has to do with everything according to the evolving mother. The greatest of focus, hope, and trust, is love. ❤--The Evolving Mother



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