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waiting on perfection

by The Evolving Mother

This is a sneak-peak as it is in progress. 

Go ahead, laugh out loud.

I can't hear you!

SOIL VS SOUL is there a difference


You have probably heard the mustard seed story and how it being the smallest seed grows into a powerfully healthy, and to some, delicious condiment.  This plant is good for the soil and soul.  So let’s go deep for a minute digging the soil to ensure the seeds roots can flourish.  I don’t like exercise but I enjoy working in my garden.  It can get dirty. Eww. Mushy.  Can’t make anything grow? Keep reading as I ensure you will. 

Water and sun are needed to make a seed grow.  It is necessary to get the location and watering amount correct for a plant to grow.  It is like a relationship.  Eww.  Mushy.  If you are this far into the book than you should be used to this by now.  What I found interesting in 2016 was that someone did research to find out that the mustard seed was not actually the smallest seed.  Along with this research it was discovered the type of plant the mustard seed grew into.  It is typically unwanted because of its invasiveness (wiryness) and bulk.  There are a few thought paths we can travel using this description for this plant.  Unwanted path, thorny path, spicy path. Each with its own journey.  It is how we have grown or choose to plant, that shiws our stalks strengths and our flowers beauty or whether our leaves are used as spices. I love gardening. 

God tends to favor the awkward and unwanted. When tended, bushes can be beneficial providing beauty and boundaries.   I tend to like my food spicy at times and therefore I find my life tends to have some spicyness to it as well.  I'm thinking we should choose how much spicyness we put in our life. God can make a seed grow as is written in the Bible in Mark 4:26. 


I'm always interested in hearing how you are evolving. And if you want to know when the book is released, let's connect.

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