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Stemming (no pun intended) from a sunlit garden in the morning. Again, your writing is like a warm blanket placed over your lap. Your book, like your blogs, requires a cup of tea, a glass of chardonnay, or a margarita, depending on the time of day, to accompany the thoughts.  Moments of pleasure, in an otherwise chaotic and busy world.  

Ellen C.

Narratives for Living image.png
Anecdotes for Positive Living by The Evo
NO BLANK PAGES of Anecdotes for Positive

You have captured universal feelings among women. 

I will be a better and more productive person for reading your book.  Today I will begin to dig. Deeper.

Mary E.

By The Evolving Mother

In my positive living book, I share my journey of an evolutionary life.  Whether you are just stuck at this time and need guidance, or want to enrich your living potential, you owe it to yourself to read this one short book.  My openhearted journey can cheer you up so you can discover who you are meant to be. Join me, The Evolving Mother, and my wild and wonderful adventures as you evolve with me as the best is yet to be!

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