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The backyard Easter egg hunt may be the most untweaked tradition during the pandemic as it typically is in the backyard with your siblings or parents. And like Christmas, the hunt

happens before breakfast, right! This year will be slightly different but in a way you might not expect.

I for one am hiding real boiled eggs. YEP! My baby ‘grand’ will be so excited for the hunt, he will then want to keep this tradition going, even though it is a bit of a tweak. I do not plan to color the eggs. That is tedious and will not be appreciated really. And yes for the adults to be remain happy, I will make enough for deviled eggs.

In coming up with what to do for my grand’s first Easter hunt, I came up with another idea. Read this, “On the side of the penasquitas near the waterfall, there lived four little rabbits, named: Maria, Francisco, Ysabel, and Irvin. They lived in a canyon north east of a big town. In a place called Rancho Penasquitos where 'lil cliffs' abound. Their mother said 'let's play a game with adventures and clues and a little bit of fame'. Maria, Francisco, Ysabel, and Irvin knew their aim, for their father had left prizes for them to claim.” --HELP IRVIN RABBIT AND HIS SIBLINGS FIND ALL THE CLUES so they can eat their dinner and dessert too!

My grand can't have all the fun so I am sharing my inaugural EASTER HUNT for some. You get better prizes than boiled eggs! This hunt only happens on April 3rd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Take your family on this covid-safe family adventure and challenge your friends to join you. Take hold of your tradition by tweaking it supporting small businesses and artists with a li’l local history as well.

As SUBSCRIBERS, enjoy a 10% discount on each ticket. Enter SubscriberBenefit10 at check out. Tickets are $30 each with a $50 value. The bonus raffle is valued at $150 and still climbing. Click on this link to learn more:

By the way, my baby ‘grand’ is not a piano but a big beautiful german shepherd. –The Evolving Mother

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