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What it's ALL about


Figure out clues from a story with local history to find businesses that will give you your prize for finding them!


Join along in this safe scavenger hunt hopping and skipping or driving and tagging. 

Figure out the clues to retrieve your treat but remember to keep your distance at 6ft. 


No matter who you bring along to play, remember social distancing rules are here to stay. 


Enjoy your basket filled with fun brought to you by businesses with no pun. 


All work and no play leaves you out of the Bonus Round so...



on our site to show the whole town.  @TheEvolvingCompany


The story...


is on

April 3rd

10 a.m.  -- 2  p.m.

Don't let Covid spoil your year
Buy your ticket and spread some cheer
This hunt is safe and socially acceptable
fulfilling all the mandatory expect-ables
So get your happy, get your ticket
fill up your car and get ready to hip-it
Fred just messaged 'challenge is on'
You messaged back 'bring it on'
Now the BONUS ROUND loot
will be sweeter to boot!
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