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When you open your eyes to see them.

Wonder: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something unexpected or familiar.

This has been an unprecedented year for me. It was my first year to work outside the home full-time.

The first year as a CEO of a non-profit I helped start. The first year as the manager of its resale store.

This reflection has me taking advice I have shared in order to evolve. I am resting after tripping. Insert half smiley face because my chin is a little bruised from the fall. None the less, I AM smiling. I am wiping a tear as well. Because that is what I do.

I am compassionate and hard working. The store has been so successful I had to run to keep up with it. Therefore, I fell down because I didn’t have time to tie my shoelace. (Hopefully you are grinning now too.) It’s really about not making the time to tie my shoelace but THAT is another blog.

On this adventure of starting this non-profit and opening this store, I have confirmed some truths. One is that when you treat people well, they treat you well. You could use the cliché that is similar to this but I choose these words instead.

Sometimes you have to see something in another way to get it because we say things without thinking sometimes. Juz Sayin.

I have continually said how blessed I am this year by those making a difference volunteering at the store and the partnerships we have formed. Our volunteer motto, "cause over cash", is proof that when we connect with customers, it matters. December broke a record in sales.

What I didn’t anticipate was unprecedented growth. I should have since I was running all the time but sometimes we just run in circles. Right?!

As I tie my shoes, take a breath, and rest, I ponder what the future holds for me and R.I.S.E.

The picture of my grandson brings me joy as it would any grandparent. It was the first image I considered for this post as I realize all the blessings and accomplishments from this year.

May you experience joy and prosperity as you venture through 2023. –The Evolving Mother

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