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What Came First...

Spring is a time when new life appears.

We think of baby birds, and lambs, and bunnies.

At R.I.S.E. we have been blessed with new volunteers! Welcome Linda, Heather, Pauline, and Bhanu. 🐇🐇🐇🐇

Do you only think of bunnies and eggs at Easter? I think of Reese’s peanut butter eggs. Those marshmallow peeps are cute but they are best put on top of my morning tea. ☕

If that didn’t make you chuckle, how about this. What came first, the Eostre bunny or the egg?

While you enjoy your candied bunnies and family traditions, share this bit of trivia. Pagans have celebrated, Eostre, the goddess of fertility and spring for a very long time. What we are more familiar with is Easter, the Christian celebration. They were forbidden to eat eggs during Lent many many years ago. Pagans are given credit for many of the traditions that give a fun aspect to historical education around holidays.

Our history at R.I.S.E. remains the same--cause over cash. And bunny is it paying off!

Third straight month in a row with record sales. These emails are going to get boring. So prepare yourself for more bad jokes. 😘

Just know this. It’s not important what came first. What IS important is focusing on our cause for good. Through this we evolve and think less about the chicken or the egg.

Happy Spring from The Evolving Mother!

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