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Although the expansion of the elastic on my pants is not what I intended. The wine and cheese was very good! The focus of my blogs is about growing indeed; it is mainly passionate growth both personally and for our environment.

I want to inspire more passion in people and less waste in landfills. So my intent is to inspire you to live an evolutionary life while caring for yourself and the environment you live in.

Recently, I was provoked by the thought of living my life on purpose. This is not always easy unless you are independently wealthy or do not worry much. Being independently comfortable, I decided to turn my passion into a business. Meanwhile working on the wealthy part. At least wealthy in spirit and energy right now!

What does this jibber-jabber have to do with our landfills? If you haven’t taken a Sunday drive and noticed, landfills are growing, contributing to some unnecessary waste and our climate moving rapidly into the next ‘age’. Read here.

What do you mean you’re not taking Sunday drive’s, much less to view landfills? Well my family does! We recycle electronics and other items at the landfill then pick up mulch that is made from yard waste. You get off the hook at least on Sunday’s because the landfill isn’t open ‘but you can see it from Highway 52’. Take a visit to your local landfill to grow more aware of how you can be passionate about our environmental waste. –The Evolving Mother for our earth

*For San Diego, CA, visit Environmental Services-Miramar.


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