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The Hunt that saved Easter

The ever Evolving Mother is sharing the scavenger hunt STORY

she put together for children of all ages. The intent is to share

inspiration for you to enjoy your Easter tradition this year.

It is a live event so for those of you locally who want to participate,

Help Francisco, Maria, Ysabel, and Irvin find the stores

Highlighted in black so you can’t ignore.

Collect your goodies and post your wares

Looking forward to finding with care.

Drive safely and distance 6 ft

So you enjoy this adventure in search of your treats!

On the side of the penasquitas, near the waterfall,

Lived four little rabbits, Francisco, Maria, Ysabel, and Irvin, ya’ll.

They lived in a canyon north east of a big town.

In a place called Rancho Penasquitos, where 'lil cliffs' abound.

For Easter, their mother, said let's play a game

With adventures and clues and a little bit of fame.

Maria, Francisco, Ysabel, and Irvin knew their aim

For their father had left prizes for them to claim.

Two of the rabbits looked excited and ready

Getting on their shoes and hoping for confetti.

"Hold on now", momma bunny said...

"We search for the first clue April 3rd you two!

Starting at 10 but ending by 2".

Down the cliffs, onto the wagon road used long ago,

The rabbits hopped along til they got to their FIRST STOP

Which was their GREEN friend’s store, among others galore.

Their friend BIG FROG was so happy to give them their treat

That he fist bumped them before they could retreat.

The adventures not complete

Unless you post and tweet.

The businesses you find then collect goodies and swag

Asking friends to challenge you for Bonus Round brag!!

Francisco says, "This game is not really so hard,

Why don’t we ask our friends to come along.

So they invited (SHARE) their friends in the WESTWOOD Valley to play

Which is really RB with descendants from Kumeyaay and Ipai.

Ysabel asked their friend Irvin Khan to meet

Where he thought they would find a good treat.

He said follow me to a delightful NEW spot.

It’s only been here ONE YEAR ain’t it a cute little shop.

ELMISA is her name and happiness is her aim.

In search for the next clue, since they have to be finished by 2…

They opened their eyes and put their ears to the ground

Hoping the next place is easy to be found.

Their tummy’s started grumbling from the smell in the air

That sent SMOKE waves of BBQ from here to there.

They took off a bit faster cuz their mouths were drooling

And just when they got closer, no fooling…

Irvin Kahn stopped by the train station and yelled,

“Rosario where are you going?”

“I’m leaving this city in the country called Paguay.

To be Juez de paz in the area up that way.”

And the man in the hat.

No, not that one, he isn’t a cat.

Corporal Rosario Aguilar is his name.

Left POWay and it was never the same.

The friends turned and sighed,

When they heard Mr. J say,

“‘Stay focused on the prize.”

Then they gave a loud cheer and ordered real clear.

Then posted and tweeted while waiting with big eyes.

Stuffed, oh no, we have one more place to go!

So give your thank you’s, your happy dues,

Let’s get on our way to the final clue.

The friends went off to the next clue as a crew

Wondering where in the world the next adventure would take them.

They wriggled their noses and stomped their big toes’es

Grabbing Irvin so they wouldn’t lose him.

The next clue is in the MOUNTAIN but not the kind you think.

So be on the look and do not blink.

It’s in the other RANCH which is a CARMEL delight.

Full of ZEN and full of might.

With fishes like KOI swimming ‘round a water pen.

It is no longer the area’s hidden gem

Just look for the flags flying tall and lean

That say ‘come in’ we’re open for ya’ll to see.

They have fruit that transforms into a magical drink

And friendly staff to help make your glass ‘tink’.

By now you will see with all this fun and glee

Others are posting and tweeting for sure,

So don’t forget to add all of yours!

Alas, the adventure has come to an end.

Check your social media and then

You will learn come nightfall who will get one last treat.

As the Bonus Round selections from the participants beat.

Then, off with a hop and skip down the road they went.

As they couldn’t wait to get home and share the day’s event.

Ma Bunny and Pa were happy to find

All their family were happy to play this game

And their friends wanted to know when there would be more of the same.

So long and farewell, alvita zane, good bye.

Until you meet the bonus makers to say a personal Hi.

But you might ask how?

From the creator and artist now

With a prize from the bonus makers who want you to enjoy

With hope you will visit them too and not be coy.

Be on the lookout for one last tweet

Telling you that you have won another treat.

If you enjoyed this cute little stunt,

Give a shout out to all the stores.

And be on the lookout for the next Scavenger Hunt,

As I know we will want to have more!


$30 Ticket $50 Value with over $150 in Bonus Round Prizes!!!!

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