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Bees are one of the best examples of team building. The product, no wait, products, they produce and influence taste wonderful, look beautiful, and create fulfillment. Friends and teams are just as beneficial. The one ingredient these all need to thrive is water. Boring eh. Nevertheless, true.

Water is an important commodity for them all to be successful. For bees to produce that yummy liquid gold. Teams to produce the gold for the pocketbook. Friends to enjoy the golden or reddish delight that fills our cup.

My favorite team mate is a vintner. I prefer partnering in business with them enjoying wine over water. Thus winning the trifecta! For without the bees, there would be no grapes; without the vintner there would be no wine; without friends there would be no fulfillment.

This is healthy work. When the boss says it’s time for a team building event, be sure to gather around the water cooler knowing you can make a difference to the taste, look, or creativity of the business product. Bees stick together like honey, so join your friends often as well and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Literally!

Amor, Salud, Tesoro y tiempo para gozarlos. (Love, health, treasure, and time to enjoy them.)

-The Evolving Mother

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE WATER-PRODUCT? share below in the comments



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