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Ripples & Splashes

Ripples and Splashes in life

Ripples are for daily living

Splashes are for parties.


You can’t jump from 5 years old to 15 although all kids try.

You can’t jump from 18 years old to 38 although young adults try.


On occasion 5 year olds throw a fit that rocks everyone around them.

On occasion an 18 year old rebels and everyone around them is concerned.





As I processed my to-do list today while doing my stretches, this concept came to me. 

(YAY! I did my stretches today.)


It is important to be patient with being productive. There is that dang word again.

It pops up in my life constantly. Patient. I’d rather be patient then be a patient. Please laugh.


Do you want to read that last sentence again?

Reading it again might help you pivot as I have to do now after my last doctor’s appointment.


In order to be productive, we need to be patient and allow the ripple effect to happen otherwise we make a big splash.  Splashes are great for parties but party lasts for a brief period of time.


It’s often acceptable in art for all you Jackson Pollock lovers.  My life is often like a Pollock painting.


While I unstring my lights to decorate this year, I will try to contemplate my life, patiently. 

I said try.


Ripples on the other hand happen one ring at a time.  If we can learn to be patient, watch, and absorb each one, we will be strengthened and acquire the ability to see the productiveness of the ripple’s expanse.  Kinda like when I hang those lights on my tree!


Here’s to the ripples and splashes in life.  As you can see in the featured picture, I am still a work in progress.


Keep Evolving.  –The Evolving Mother


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