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How many times do we look at a project and get overwhelmed? Some days it’s hard to even break it down into manageable pieces. I faced this as I played my Sudoku puzzle just now. OK! So I took a break from my project. I was overwhelmed.

This puzzle lost its appeal quickly because I couldn’t focus from thinking too hard. Then I finally realized answers became clear when I didn’t think about anything else and used the process of elimination. Voila! Done. Finished. Complete.

The thrill of accomplishment felt great when I completed this project, OOPS, I mean game! What encouraged me was when I picked one square and filled in options based on the process of elimination. This accomplishment boosts my morale when I fill in another square and then another. I soon finished the game, the puzzle, the project.

Staying overwhelmed doesn't aid in completion of anything. Focus on one square at a time for any project. And ‘snap the job’s a game!’ says Fraulien Maria in The Sound of Music.

What’s your latest CONUNDRUM?

Mine was a RECYCLING SYSTEM. How do I get my family to recycle more items? It wasn’t how to solve a Sudoku game. The concept is similar though. One square/step at a time. Know where you want to store the items until they are put in the big blue bin. Then, determine what you want to recycle. Seems backward! Have you started? Then it's not the wrong direction. Giggling. -The Evolving Mother

Share your recycling system whether it is forward or backward. ;)

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