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I am bad at not doing what I know I should do? You too?! I admit it.

My goal of sending this newsletter out by the first of the month did not happen again.

I have written on perfectionism vs procrastination several times. I could write a book. Wait. It’s in production! (Squirrel) More on this later.

So what am I going to do about getting the newsletter out on time since the last four months have been late? I am changing the due date. BOOYA!

I mean there are only 24 hours in a day and if everything were due on the first of the month I would not get any sleep.

Therefore, I am leaning into my strengths here and choosing to look at this in a way that works for me. I am not tech savvy even though this message uses more than one application to get to you so I am not totally an old geezer.

PERSPECTIVE is the word I am choosing to focus on. It helps us evaluate the world around us. The challenge is not squirreling around and focusing on our strengths to get our work done. I encourage you to live into your strengths.

The shop is amazingly popular and I am over the moon. It is because of our attitude toward or way of regarding something.

My perspective is not to be perfect as I manage the shop. Otherwise, I would fail. Of course, I work very hard to ensure we stay on mission. And I mean stay on task and stay true to the mission of being a place that feels welcoming while generating revenue and empowering others.

The volunteers empower me to fulfill our next phase of R.I.S.E. which is to host workshops. BOOM! So often we wait until the perfect moment to do something, anything.

So bring on those rain showers and fill my life with weeds. Wait and see what I do with it.

--The ever Evolving Mother.

P.S. To know when Waiting on Perfection is released and learn when those workshops begin, CLICK HERE.

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