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It certainly seems like it’s the survival of the fittest out there. No matter where you are in the world or what you do, living is challenging right now. Learning from athletes or corporate presidents, the trick is balancing disappointments, fears, and hopes….oh my!

Whether you are a coach, president, or parent, being fit has an unusual definition right now, or at least in my family it does. Our psychological well-being is better with chip and dip, chocolate, and specialty drinks. More importantly, I’m praising the maker of elastic because without it, the world would go back to the stone-age dress.

As I enjoyed the excitement of the Superbowl’s survival of the fittest game play out, I balanced my disappointments of who did not make it into the playoffs, with my fear of the KID’s (Kuz I’m Determined) playoff being enough, and my hope that the GOAT will end this playoff on the way out.

Despite one team winning the Superbowl and one person getting all the glory, it took many people to achieve this victory. Right now we are all on the same team facing a formidable opponent. And because it is also a team sport, I’m cheering you on like LOMBARDI. He says it takes all of us. So grab your mask or buy one here -DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

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