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No. It does not smell better, AND you still have to eat your vegetables! I can tell you where you can get some though if you live a gluten free life.

This product is not yet readily available like many gluten free products. I had the opportunity to try some in San Diego.

Unfortunately, the pump to purchase this fuel was not electronic! I stood at this kiosk dumbfounded. What century am I in? I thought for a second about the movie Back to the Future. 🚗

If gluten free is good for you why can't you get it anytime you want?

I came across this unique type of gas with a girlfriend. We went to pick up a couch for her daughter's wedding. She was collecting antique furniture for a nice backyard sitting area.

I borrowed my son's truck which was an adventure itself. *Broken driver door so you have to crawl in the passenger side to open the driver door. That little escapade will be shared in another blog.

The first thing to do is check the level of gas. Sufficient. ✔

One mistake led to one of the most humorous days I've ever had. Just don't ask my son-in-law because he would not agree.

As we were driving home, the gas light came on; so we found the closest station and pulled in. My girlfriend generously agreed to pay in lieu of using our vehicle, and of course my strong muscles and rope tying skills. 💪

When she said she needed help pumping, I thought, this woman gives me shots, the vaccination kind, but cannot pump gas? So I get out to help.

The pump does not accept credit cards.

That needs a sentence all on its own. So I walk to the station door and find it locked. Again, I think Doc? You out back there?

As I turn to go back to my vehicle, my girlfriend is staring at the other pump. God love her. I don't know why she thought one pump might be electronic and the other not, but hey, we needed gas!

She says it's gluten free. I am really concerned about her now. Then, I see the other side of the pump and it reads No MSG. What kind of freak show are we in? 😮

Luckily, I have a sense of humor and invited my friend to come sit with me in the two chairs next to the door of the station. As we ponder this little detour, I giggle. She looks at me with a stare that indicates a WTF moment.

I said I think we are on candid camera. 📷

After 5 minutes and no cameras, I decided to call in The Marines. I mean go big or go home! After all, I did advocate for military families for 30 years. Can't I have one perk?

So I called my son-in-law. He gallantly, in his six horse powered vehicle, rode into the GAS station with a gallon of liquid gold! 🏇

I blessed him and told him how much I loved him. He smiled one of those respectful smiles learned from a Catholic mother and a Marine Corps drill sergeant.

He followed us to the NEXT nearest gas station. He watched as we pumped gas into our vehicle as if he didn't trust us to find good gas. He has a stomach of steel so he doesn't care whether it is gluten free or has no msg.

He did get rewarded with the bottle of his favorite beverage. Yes, it was gluten free! It had to be after this escapade.

Let me know if you would like to go on a Thanksgiving adventure to have some good gas. You know, just in case you don't eat cruciferous vegetables for Thanksgiving. But go before you eat the turkey so you won't fall asleep while driving.

By the way, WE-me, my girlfriend, and the couch-all made it home safely due to my smart thinking to call in reinforcements. (It's my story and I'm the author.)

Ok. We made it home safely because of one bad-ass Marine. When they are good, you only need one. OORAH!

Yes. As we evolve, we learn when to suck up. KEEP EVOLVING! -The Evolving Mother

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