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EARLY New Year Resolution

I am starting my new year’s resolution early in hopes of celebrating it.

There is a sign at the store in the volunteer workroom that says, ‘Do what is right not what is easy’.

While this is a great perspective, it is a greater challenge in a resolution.

It is easy to say yes to holiday parties. Who doesn’t love a party?

It’s those dang calories and headaches that are just not right.

The real reason I am writing about this topic is I visited my doctor for an annual check-up.

Sure, it’s not even close to a party even though I walked away with a headache.

It is as if I had a few too many Long Island Iced Teas.

(If ya know, ya know. If not, accept the next invitation to my party.)

My doctor took the glass out of my hand and said, "Girl! Straighten up and fly right."

I had four categories in my blood work that were out of whack.

Who me? I think you have the wrong blood work. I have always been healthy.

(Ok. Long Island Iced Teas are dangerous but…)

The doctor then asked how I managed stress.

I said, “It’s clearly managing me right now.” Hence, the early new year’s resolution.

Do what is right not what is easy.

Wait. I thought that was the perspective not the resolution.

It is the right thing to get a head start not a headache.

Rather than attending so many parties and eating too many calories, I will try to stay focused.

While not easy, I hope to get an early Christmas present

with improved categories by reducing my stress this holiday season.

The hardest task will not be feeling guilty about saying no.

Astounding how such a little word can be such a powerful resolution.

Empowering you to have a new perspective with less guilt.

For inspiration, read my last blog, Grace vs Guilt.

Keep evolving. –The Evolving Mother

P.S. Guilt is like cheesecake. Lots of calories and bloating afterwards.

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