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After all it is fall ya’ll! So, does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? Only if you eat them. I like apples as much as I like going to the doctor. It has taken me a long time to learn there is more than one kind of doctor. I mean apple. Fuji is my favorite kind of apple, but I still do not eat one a day. Now a banana, that is a daily morning ritual no one in my family wants to see broken. And, yes, it says a lot about my monkey-like behavior. I am full of energy. My family knows to pack a banana even when we go camping.

Apples are better for camping since they don’t get smashed. A slice of apple, a slice of white cheddar cheese, and a glass of red wine. (Be right back…time for a break.) I think grapes are a daily necessity too. If you see a consistent reference to wine in my writings, you now know why. There is likely a fruit you enjoy. When you find it, you will want to slow down and enjoy it. Have you seen how many versions of grapes are out there? Research has shown that wine is good for your health. The doctor will want to visit you, instead of vice versa!

All this to say, I have come to think more about what I eat and drink lately because of the phase I am in. My body isn't processing the way it used to. What’s up with that? Fruits and veggies are supposed to be low in calorie. Eating something within thirty minutes of waking up is supposed to help our metabolism. So I eat my banana along with my coffee. No. The banana does not go in my coffee.

Once the banana and coffee are in the body all is right with the world. Should you ever need a little encouragement to eat your fruits and veggies peruse a different store to find a variety you might like. If that does not appeal to you there is always orange juice. It does a body good. If you won’t listen to your doctor, at least listen to your mother. --The Evolving Mother

P.S. This mom says caramel apples count!

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