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At what point do you start taking care of yourself and what does that look and feel like? I don’t often start my writing with a question, but I need to get to the point.

These musings are intended to help you reflect on your life as I reflect on mine. When you reflect, you can restore your soul. (Put a slice of orange into your glass now. I did.)

I have cared for others for many years. My calendar, or at least my mind, gets filled with stuff. Ideas, tasks, and other minutia. I am unable to see the flowers around me much less stop and smell them.

Have you ever smelled orange blossoms? The smell will certainly delight the senses.

Speaking of which, I have come to my senses while restoring my mind. My future writings will be folding two audiences into one. At first, this will be a challenge rewarded by reducing my tasks.

My passion for The Evolving Company and The Rise Concept in many ways serve the same purpose. You will come to understand more fully as you continue to follow my anecdotes, musings, writings, or whatever these speak to you as.

If you are not aware of these two entities, here are their links, The Evolving Company and The Rise Concept, for you to browse.

Now to go squeeze a little some’em some’em in my glass of orange juice! (wink, wink.)

–Your Ever Evolving Mother



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