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Perfection vs Procrastination v5

Do you get the best ideas when you get in the shower?

The title for this blog came to me this morning while getting ready for the day.

I have been pondering the many questions around the Grand Re-Opening of my store.

Yes. There were accolades but I wasn't anticipating so many questions.

The questions, in my mind, were not positive but negative.

Upon reflection, I started remodeling the older side of the store.

This is the people-pleaser in me.

Rather than reflect with a healthier Perspective.

I became overwhelmed with a to-do list again.

So I decided to turn the water on while I was in the shower!

The main question I tried to wash off me was,

"Why are you trying to open the new side of the store when there is so much still to do?"

As I washed my hair, I had a shower moment!

I had the epiphany of my most liked blog titled Perfection vs Procrastination v1.

And of course I started singing, 'I'm gonna wash that question right out of my hair'.

I am brought back to the concept, if you wait for perfection, you will never begin.

What I have learned over my youthful years, wink wink, is plans will need to evolve.

Of course, develop your plan. Get started, hence don't procrastinate.

But for heavens sake, don't wait for a perfect plan.

I chose to open the store as soon as I could to begin sales as soon as I could.

The concept was sound. The basics were in place for opening.

And wouldn't you know it, as we began to use the space,

we needed to tweak some of the original ideas in the plan.

The way we actually used the space required us to modify

how we thought we were going to use the space.

This is the evolution of the plan.

It also helped the people utilizing the space to feel part of the concept.

Plans succeed when we empower those around us.

Now that my mind is focused and my hair untangled,

I ask, "What question is Perplexing you to Procrastinate"?

Drop me a line or pop in the shop so we can empower one another. And, please...

Just keep evolving-The Evolving Mother

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2 Kommentare

I completely agree with you Teri.

When I walked in, without realizing that you had planned to expand, I was overjoyed.

I realized that you had taken a leap of faith. Bravo and Congratulations! Those leaps of faith should be encouraged.

Maybe it’s not perfect, who cares-it’s still the best thrift shop Ive been to in a long time. And it’s a thrift shop!

And now, it’s the only thrift shop I go to.

Its fluent, every time I walk in, I have no idea what I’ll find. I like that!

You’re doing awesome things Teri!

Bravo and Congratulations!

The world needs you and more people like you!

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Antwort an

As I tear up reading this message. I appreciate your encouragement. This journey has been eye opening as to my purpose in life. And the joy we see in the lives of the people we help is heartwarming. Whether it is a safe fun place to come hang for a little while or a partner who stopped by to pick up items for their organization. Thank you for the message. I look forward to seeing you in the store soon. Terry, The Evolving Mother (and manager/owner)

Gefällt mir
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