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Procrastination vs Perfectionism

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Are you putting off completing a project because it's not perfect or are you procrastinating?

I had this epiphany one day when I was so frustrated with myself on not accomplishing more work. More specifically not tackling what I knew I had to do. Being articulate is not a strength of mine but there are two words that are pretty straight forward in the English language. Perfectionism and Procrastination.

If you are a person that thinks in clear terms then you identify with either side of the spectrum these two words have as bookends. I urge you to rethink the number of books, so to speak, in between the bookends and allow for a book for every aspect of your life. We are not designed to be perfect, therefore, we should not expect perfectionism in all we do.

I find it very fascinating and irritating (bookends) with the evolution of science, knowing we each have a different DNA from each other, many people still strive to be identical to others. Striving for good habits is commendable, but striving to be just like someone is detrimental.

In my research on understanding why I procrastinate certain endeavors, I came across a website that appealed to my reasoning about this issue. Below is some of the author’s thoughts that helped me be kinder to myself about having perfect standards. For those of you who know me you can chuckle and say ‘You have always been hard on yourself’. Well friends, allow me to grow and embrace my awkwardness please as I embark on this new journey that while not perfect, I am no longer procrastinating. So my new motto is Done Is Good, otherwise no one will ever see it. -TheEvolvingMother

“Make notes, and set some reminders to keep you focused on progress and not perfection.”

-Alli Worthington


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