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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

An Evolutionary Life turned Evolutionary Business. The Evolving Mother has been a thought of mine for many of my adult years. As the next phase of my adult years has approached, my children are saying practice what you preach. (Child rearing blog to appear later!) Having been raised with a different mindset than I raised my children, I now have to fulfill what I believe and taught. Which spurred my journaling into my first blog, Perfectionism vs Procrastination. Journaling or wanting more for our children is nothing new or phenomenal. If we are content with our lives, fabulous. But what if we are not content and want to grow even more. Wait. I like the word evolve.

So I decided to finally take my thoughts and aspirations and turn them into reality. Now, to take this opportunity and make a living at it, meaning get paid for my work finally. This idea started years ago when my husband retired from the military and our oldest child graduated from high school, I realized life doesn’t stand still. Yes. I am slow. There were too many revolving parts in my family to think selfishly. Now before you start saying ‘you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others’, you are indeed correct. So hang on.

I chose to be a stay-at-home mom which I have felt as selfish because I wanted down time during the day before the kids came home and the bewitching hour started. You know 5 p.m. This time of day probably has another name now during this pandemic! I realized a new insight during this bewitching pandemic. I read the book Hillbilly Elegy by J. D. Vance. He wrote something that resonated with me. It was, ‘what determines the successful are the expectations they have for their life’. I thought of my upbringing and realized my successes. I had surprisingly more opportunities than he did. Time frame being the same era even. Amazing that you can live in America and have such disparagingly different opportunities.

An now that the opportunity has come for my husband to retire, our youngest child has graduated from high school, and our oldest child has married, it is time to make my vision an expectation! Especially now that my daughter is dropping hints of having a child of her own, the pendulum has swung, and I must continue to show her the way. Therefore, together we are starting The Evolving Company. A mother daughter business created to dig in to life, evolve, and live! We hope to inspire you with products and services to help you achieve your goals and live successfully. -The Evolving Mother

Evolve with me, the best is yet to be. Enjoy more...SUBSCRIBE.

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