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In Weakness & In Strength

It’s important for me to feel productive. In order for that to happen, I must know my boundaries. There is a trick to this. It’s knowing your personality. Say WHAAAT! As organized as I am, there are days that I do not get much done. While that might be ok a couple days of the week, I have commitments that I want to honor-to myself and others. I get frustrated on work days when I do not accomplish what is on my calendar. Sound familiar? On days where there is so much I need to get done, I get really anxious. It is often not forgetting to do something as well. Sure. I have a calendar. I made a list. I checked it twice.'s not even Christmas! So, I have learned for the days where I am very anxious, I have to make more time in my day to nurture my feelings. Doing this is not a weakness. It is a strength! Think of it as strengthening your weak boundaries. It is one thing to say such-in-such needs to be done today, but if I don't manage the elephant-in-the-room, i.e. the anxiety, I will not be productive. Consequently, I have learned to consider how I am feeling when evaluating my calendar each day. This becomes a strength and ensures my success for the day. I keep that list close by, and when necessary look at my bulletin board and read positive affirmations. This way, I can then get the necessary tasks for that day completed. I feel so much more productive when I acknowledge my weaknesses. It’s tricky. Be sure to know your weaknesses to keep them outside your boundaries. This way you are sure to have work days that are productive and fulfilling! –The Evolving Mother


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