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We resolve to make change this year hoping to make life better.  To strengthen, to grow, to discipline, to create a positive habit.  So, how you doin’?

I am celebrating 6 days of focusing on positive rather than negative.  There’s another one of those clichés that is easier said than done. Right!  (hint: my resolution)

Another way of evaluating my resolution is to take note of the things that made me feel good about my work each day.  Then, I don’t feel so bad.

Another one of those saying. Does it count if you sing it rather than say it. Yes, cuz I said so. 

My family likes to ask how you doin’ with the emphasis on the you and the head tilt like the person who made this quote famous, Joey Tribbiani from Friends.  While his intention was to snag a date, our intention is to check on each other to see how they are doing.

We say it with a poke of curiosity and kindness. Then watch how the person responds, more than their answer.  It will let you know the true feelings behind the response. 

Hint: Determine if a coffee date is a good idea.

It’s day 6 and I am still doing well with my resolution.  I know there will come a day when I don’t do so well.  My emotions will get the better of me because they are disguised in my to-do list.  I will feel as if I have failed my resolution. 

Guess what?!  I have a quote for that.  You will never ALWAYS be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined.  Author unknown.  That dang word discipline is what trips us up.

Read this quote as if you are disciplining yourself to think positively about the choices you make today.  One day at a time and one positive thought at a time accomplishes the goal.

Realizing our feelings, are what drive our accomplishments will help us achieve our resolution. Keep Evolving. --The Evolving Mother

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