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My original version of this blog helped me develop my role as The Evolving Mother. I blog describing child rearing, I wrote last year and put in my e-book. Since then, I have honed in on where, what, and how I am in this next phase as a mother. In keeping with the Dig, Evolve, Live concept that is inspired from my love of gardening, the image is a bee with a bag.

This bee represents Mom's who are busy bees with briefcases containing the stuff Mary Poppins told her she would need. And this bee's wings are her cape!! BBBBBZZZZZZZZZ Let's sting the world!

BEE-OOLOGY. 'Let’s sting the world' may seem harsh but it is more powerful than buzzing the world or pollinating the world. Even though bees metaphorically seem to be men pollinators, they are actually called drones in the Bee-gdom. They fly around looking for Queens so they can then, wait for it, pollinate and populate more hives. The female bees are the worker bees. Surprise!

Oh where I could go with this. Just know the Queen bee is a female and is in command! And yes, she is also known as a bad ass and sometimes can sting people. But ooohh the honey she makes. I am having way too much fun with this writing. Bee Hee Hee

I think I’m going to evolve into a BEEologist. Writing blooming blogs and forming a hive. Bee-all you can be. –The Beeautiful Evolving Mother

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