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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

It’s not a new beer or a German super hero. That is the name of the new toy in our driveway. During this pandemic, my husband retired and I found myself without work. Sounds like the same road many people are on this year. We are also thankful to be at a point in our lives where we can take a detour without much worry. As we get up to speed on the on-ramp, we have a slight change to our destination.

The jobless life may seem like a detour, but ours was riding out a virus. It was frustrating not understanding all the signs along the way but we survived it just like our other adventures. I am cautiously excited about this road we travel now with a fixer upper. But hey, we have been down some rough roads before. The difference is this time we decided to travel the road together. You think that is normal for a married couple. Let me remind you he was in the military for 20 years. We were not always on the same road, home, or continent at the same time.

Imagine this new adventure. You see a 1952 Dodge Power wagon refurbished to its former glory as a military ambulance. It’s so intriguing you follow it, then wind up at a farmer’s market. The driver and partner get out and open the side window (yes, slight modification) to unveil their wares. While recuperating, we came up with this wild idea to tour farmer’s markets in the Gerstenslager selling my homemade goods. Sounds like something from the 60’s and nothing I ever thought I would do.

The current road is paved well. Maybe it is from our rejuvenation or reincarnation. Either way, I remind myself of the roads we have traveled. Moving every two years, setting up a home, finding new doctor, new schools, and new friends. My husband and I are belted in the Gerstenslager. Fortunately, with new seats and modern seat belts. Even though this road is nothing like we have traveled before, we are together and enjoying the ride. --The Evolving Mother

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