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Catch the Vision

An evolutionary life turned evolutionary business. The Evolving Mother is becoming a reality. As I wrote in my initial writing over a year ago, It Takes A Vision, I am sharing what has transpired since then.

My kids are seeing mom in a new light. They know me to be hard working and persistent but they are seeing adult-ing is harder than they envisioned. I am doing more of what I want to do. After all, my kids are adults now. Laugh with me parents.

Journaling is still an active part of my life for it leads me to focus on my strengths and weaknesses. The quote that has kept me going is “You must train your mind to be stronger than your feelings or you will lose yourself every time”. The spiritual saying is “I can do all things through him who strengthens me’. And for the trifecta, because I love sayings, “You can do anything, you just can’t do everything”. This last one came into the store. Just imagine it. The words walked right over to the shelf, picked out a frame, then hung itself right as you walk in the door. As if to say, “Terry, I know you THINK you can do everything but …”

Well. Rise Resale IS one year old! And so is my grandson, Weston!! He is cuter but the store is pretty fabulous as well. Now, with the knowledge I have acquired and the hard work endured, I intend to make a living at it. I have this crazy desire to earn a paycheck even though I know it will all go back into the store. This desire I realize is so that I can do my part to finance my pursuits. YAY! I love it when I finally get it. Insert wonky sideways face emoji.

My first profession as a stay-at-home mom was and always will be my most rewarding calling. I am so thankful to have the privilege of being a mom. And yes, being a grandma or Nana, is like being mom on steroids. The quote, yep, another one, that resonated with me a while back from the Hillbilly Elegy written by J.D. Vance, is kept front and center on my vision board. ‘What determines the successful are the expectations they have for their lives.’

My take away, and I hope you will ponder this as well, is whose expectations are we trying to fulfill? Trust me please when I say that you will never, yes never, please all the people all the time. In the store, it is very true to please some of the people some of the time. If you listen, you will hear, that they just want to be seen, and sometimes heard. They want a place to feel safe. A place to enjoy the atmosphere and find a bargain. Insert winking face emoji!

It is crazy wonderful how many people just come in to chat. I HEAR YOU. But we ARE making money to pay the bills and give to the charities we support. The motto that drives our work is ‘cause over cash’. When we put people first meaning good customer service, the cash fills the bank account. I am not joking. Without realizing it, we had our best sales month since inception! It’s crazy wonderful I tell you.

My vision is clear now. The connections and hard work that made this store a success show me that empowering others is a gift. I look forward to evolving this business with my daughter to inspire others to dig, evolve, and live. We hope to inspire you with products and services to help you achieve your goals and live successfully-with your gifts.

–The Evolving Mother(s)

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