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The Adult Lemonade Stand

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I wonder what I am supposed to do sometimes when life hands me a bucket full of lemons. And how many times can you make lemonade! Deep breath. Gulp, one more glass. Strawberries do make a nice addition. Blueberries not so bad. Nectarines. That was only tried once and then poured into the garden. An adult having a lemonade stand doesn’t seem right, so I invite my friends over and charge them .05¢ a glass. Hey! They get advice AND a drink. You get what you pay for anyway.

Besides when your (my) backyard has a nectarine and lemon tree along with seven other fruit trees, you get to try lots of concoctions. For those of you with a lemon tree in your backyard, do you ever wish you had a money tree that would grow as many dollar bills! My lemon tree is prolific. I would be happy with half the amount of lemons and dollar bills. Puckering face.

Is anyone singing the song by Peter, Paul, and Mary yet. It is pretty well known. Because I didn’t grow up with a lemon tree in my backyard, I didn’t realize it had thorns. Now that I know thanks to many cuts, I typically wait for the fruit to fall so I don't get cuts. Unlike the fruit, you can’t add sugar to the cut to make it feel better. Such is life. Thank goodness for recipes, but I still don’t eat lemons as much as I eat chocolate. I could eat chocolate every day. Comparing lemons to chocolate is a bit different than comparing lemons to limes, eh? But when a thorn pricks me, meaning I’m having a lemon moment, I want chocolate, not lemonade.

Before you jump to the comment section telling me that chocolate eaten right off the tree might make you do more than pucker, hold that thought. First, chocolate of course doesn’t come right off the tree. It comes from the cacao bean. This is where I share the perspective for this writing. If it were not for our Mexican friends that shared a recipe with cacao we would not enjoy chocolate. I can enjoy a small dish of mole once in a while just like lemonade made fresh from the tree.

Life hands you lemons more often than cacao beans. Keep searching for the recipe that will provide you the best outcome for your lemon(s). Mine more often than not wind up watered down in my drinks and shared with friends. Since cutting down the tree would mean a lot less shade in my backyard, I intend to call on my friends to help me. So pucker up and face-time your friends. Keep Calm and Lemon-aid On! -The Evolving Mother

Love and scandal are the sweetners of tea. –Henry Fielding

Friends are the sweetners of life…and lemonade. –The Evolving Mother

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