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My husband said ONE reason why he liked me was that I didn’t have Texas hair. Interesting as I tried really hard to have Texas hair. I even went to the hair salon where the beautiful girls in our community went. It was called The Best Little Hair House in Texas. Not only does it have a great name but the stylist made me feel beautiful. Sadly, my mom had to forgo lunch for a week to afford it. Why, oh why, was it so important to be beautiful?!

REALLY?! Aside from self-esteem, in Texas, it was taken to a whole nuther level. Yes. We say it like that. Hair was a form of social media in the 80’s. We didn’t have cell phones or the internet. Now days I contend self-confidence is more challenging because of the internet which many of us have a love-hate relationship with. I am showing my level of evolution AND want you to know I have moved to the messy bun. My mother may have died because of it, as she called it a rat’s nest.

Hey…I HAVE evolved, to love sushi. Raw fish, I know! Hey, different strokes for different folks. EXACTLY! So now is when I want to share a phrase that helped me become more comfortable with myself, be raw, and be who I am meant to be. Comparison is the thief of joy, from Theodore Roosevelt.

And while my stylist was able to make my hair do things that others were envious of. Little did I realize, I chose that style. My FOMO forced me to be popular. I wanted to BE someone or at least be accepted. I was normal. I couldn’t resist the pressure, but get this. Someone is only someone when someone says someone is someone. LOL. Is that ever so indicative of my personality: thought provoking and humorous. That way I can chuckle at myself if I get the rolling eye response.

WHAT IS OR WAS YOUR FOMO (fear of missing out)? –The EVOLVING Mother


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